Jim Gilfoyle's 38 OHV at the 2018 Mama Tried show in Milwaukee.

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Jeff Maile on his dream quest  on the salt?

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Jeff returned to the salt in August 2017 only to have his tank liner dissolve in the high octane fuel.  The bike lives to fight again.

You never know who you may meet by hanging around with us!! Or what you can learn!!

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Centreville Mi. 2017 swap meet & motorcycle show

Saturday 5-21-2017 antique motorcycle ride
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Lots of cool old bikes at our WolverineAMCA Motorcycle Shows and Swap meets. Don't miss these up coming events for 2018!

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Shows & Swap Meets

"Let"s Make A Deal !!!

New signs for our Swap meets! Getting Excited for the 2018 Events!

Downtown Lansing Mi. Jack Pine Riders 19--?

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Detroit Motor Dome 19--?

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Kalamazoo Mi. Police Dept. 1930's

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Antique Motorcycle 1916 Miami Power Bicycle AMCA

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